1. The Goddess

Is it always only man´s fault when he cheats? Or that young lady working with him on new project? What about mothers? Are they so saint as they look like?


Mothers belongs to special category which certainly deserves our attention. Apart from children and themselves, mothers don´t see anybody else. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she is no longer a woman, she is a “miracle of the Eden Garden”. When she gives birth even worse – she is a Goddess. The Earth no longer orbits around the Sun, the Sun orbits around women – a Mother. And in time, we all have to circulate around her; her husband on second place after the sun, otherwise he doesn´t respect her and is an asshole who does not appreciate what the poor girl went through! The first days, maybe weeks he does well. But later this simple primate realizes that no one is no longer paying attention to HIM. He feels pushed aside, lonely, ignored. Missing love from wife. He is no longer King-Kong as she no longer has butterflies in her stomach when she sees him, no one is serving him hot meals. There is  something small that has more attention than he has and also the mating season is starting. That is about 2-3 days after the mother got a baby, and because the man naturally did nott go through any hell, he has his classic needs.

He does not want to be a total jerk, so he patiently waits for the sixth Sunday. Somewhere in the distance, he sees how he abuses his wife in the shower from behind, pushes her against the tiles and plays with her with his fingers. Then he takes her in his arms (if he is incapable, she simply walks) and then throws her on the bed. Maybe it is not as sexy as it was when they were young, she is no longer as flexible as before, but that is quickly forgotten. He spread her legs, looks at the most beautiful place on her body, and all he wants is to slowly penetrate into her vagina. It is not the same vagina anymore, but it really does not matter. Going in and done.

Mothers are the main reason of finding a lover. We are talking about 85% of todays mothers who are “goddesses” and are behind the eruption of lovers. It does not apply for our moms who pulled lice out of our long hair and made the best pancakes in the world! No, leave our mothers alone!

As soon as you have become a goddess, nature change you to different person. When you met your chosen one, who you now call the father of your child, you were an adorable little girl who liked going to the cinema, wanted to lick ice cream (not the one from the cone of course), you cooked dinner – mostly popcorn with cola. Every problem was solved by your chosen one and he was a hero to you. You were writing long messages late night, sending perverted photos in your underwear, crying when he left. You were wondering how your hero´s day was like, what his boss said about his presentation, what he was going to eat for dinner.

After dinner you grabbed some wine, as you’ve seen in the American series and without hesitation did various nasty things your hero asked from you. You gave him enough freedom so you would not seem like a control freak, but also knew how to remind him of yourself with a double-meaning message. You were willing to do all of this just to dump him someday.

You wrapped him into the love and perversion, and then tossed him aside. Instead of “Good morning darling” you write “Pop to the pharmacy, a little one has diarrhea”, instead of a tasty warm dinner “I didn’t cook anything ´cause didn’t have time”. If you are in a good mood you’ll sleep with him time to time, but make it quick, you have to get up early in the morning! Pudding is exclusively for children, foam in the bath as well and don’t you dare to go out for a beer with friends in the evening, that’s absolutely unacceptable in a relationship with children. And that’s exactly how you turn from being a cute little girl into a beast and that’s exactly why he started to open the back door…