2. I want your breast milk too

If you believe that we are descendants of monkeys and are not made of ribs and dust, then you have to face the hard truth.

Metaphorically and factually, Homo Sapiens is one of the five living species of homoids. Chimpanzees, bonobo chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans also belong to this family, which means that we have not evolved from monkeys, but WE ARE still monkeys. Chimpanzees are characterized by a number of characteristics such as jealousy, possession by power, violent behaviour, cunning and aggressivity. Describtion of their behavior is killing, organized inter-group wars, raping and killing of cubs. As far as DNA is concerned, we differentiate from chimpanzees and bonobos only by a 1.6 percent deviation and what is shocking, we are much closer to them than dog to the fox or African elephant to Indian elephant. Interesting for us is that female chimpanzees have sex several times during the day with most willing males (or all of them), bonobo enjoy group sex, which makes all monkeys relaxed and even maintain complicated social relationships. Monogamy is not practiced by any social primates living in groups. The only exception is people. Wanting people to stick to the monogamy is like trying to catch the wind in to the hands.

A man is a simple creature and has come to this world to sow relatively “cheap” sperm (but at the same time he is trying to control one or more women to increase his chances of paternity). He has basic functions and needs – to provide food, have sex, eat and sleep – and don´t you dare to extend it! Man is happy that he made you pregnant but his joy doesn’t last forever as yours.

A woman, on the other hand, is a more complicated organism and has come to this world to populate the planet. She has a limited supply of eggs, but during the ovulation period she can easily rolls up her skirt and makes a quick, sinful and secret love with men with a huge sledge and obvious genetic superiority. If it’s hard to understand, tattooed barber from the barbershop accross the street is more than enought.

But let’s pour pure wine. We are no longer monkeys in the forest, but civilized people. We want more from life, but especially men certainly do not want to lost their comfort even if they have children. This is their main reason not to have children – they do not want their lives to change and everything would be only about kids.

In almost each case, however, it only revolves around the baby, unless we are really talking about the progressive mother, or no-mother who has no interest in anything. And this is the beggining of the end. The goddess is in love with the child, giving him all her energy, love, tenderness, glances, and even the breast is all its. Man is getting bored. He’s frustrated, he never imagined it that way. He would also like to occasionally suck from your breast, isn’t there enough for two ?!

And Goddess, instead of understanding him and taking easy her motherly instincts a little, she sinks man silently down every day. “You’re an adult, so behave,” reminds him. Dear moms, but he’s not fully grown. He likes and misses all those little dating games with you. He truly loves you and honors you for giving birth to his child, but again, it should not be the end of the patriarchy.