3. Waffle

If a man is normal and still a fertile male, he will almost certainly find a lover at least once in his life. Surely not yours? Only 5% of men do not have a lover: those who are completely unattractive (meaning that you have a ugly dude) or those who are complete moron (alcoholic, rapist – simply retarded). Only 0.3% of men really mean it with one (progressive) woman.

For a man, monogamy is not natural. The attentive reader of “I WANT YOUR BREAST MILK TOO” did not miss that it was not entirely natural for a woman to deal with one penis as well, so it was not surprising that the lovers were booming. A man came to sow the seed, not to sow one furrow all his life.

When I was 15, I found a boyfriend who was 13 years older than me. The high expectation that it would last, because he already had his two children, and yet, I was a young fresh piece of meat for him. Nice ass, young tits, not knowing too much about the life so not really interfere in his business. What he said was true and he had my admiration in everything he did. We had a good time together. Constant trips, shopping, wild sex whenever he asked. In the woods, at the bus stop, in the parking lot, car became too boring. But he knew exactly where to catch me, where to squeeze, where to suck, where to shove. I was excited by every thought of him, and my feeling intensified more the less he noticed me. He was a God for me.

He taught me lots of useful things in life – first and the most important how to provide good sex. At that time I couldn’t know how much I could use it in my life. I did. Secondly, how to make money and not to work. When you are young and stupid girl, all you can do is listen when he speaks. Then when you find out that some of those can be used to your personal advantage, you become a genius. To sum up, I was 22 years old when I bought my first Coca Cola shares and started my first business. All almost perfect until the Rolex started ticking in my uterus. The whole universe told me that this is the male who will take care of me and I naturally wanted more. I started asking slowly for a baby. He didn’t even want to say the word “baby” probably afraid I will get pregnant just by saying it. His face look like he sees a devil from hell. Because he knew exactly what is going to happened – quartal sex, shouting and crying on a daily basis, and he was more than sure he is not going to this fairytale with me.

Nevertheless, our relationship lasted for 10 long years. But it did not end for different needs, goals or useless fights. Classically, because of adultery. And it wasn’t me, either, who was trying to beat out the frustration of not having  baby by cheating. Even my tight ass did not help to keep the relationship  when a younger slutty girl appeared. “Would you eat a steak every day? Sometimes you must taste a waffle too” was his answer to the question why he had exchanged me for a brief snog. And he was right asshole, I would not…