About blog

The stories in this blog are not for ordinary readers of “Wonderful Woman”. Many performers do not know how to cook or work, but on the other hand they know how to hold something else.

This is their celebration. Mistresses. Sluts, bitches or whatever you call them. Many of you will feel offended and convince yourself that I am not right. Because it is hard for you at least for one second to admit that something could be true? Sure, I must admit, some intelligence is required to understand the facts. And it is just a tiny bid from a numerous of scientifically validated analyzes and conclusions.

I don’t want to offend anyone, I just want women to think differently. No, just kidding, I don’t care how and what do you think. I learned that people don’t want to know the truth and see their reflection in the mirror. If you are already offended, you read about yourself. Men, on the other hand, will just have fun.

A lover is the most beautiful word in marriage, full of love, origin from the word “love”. Thanks to her YOU still are. You may think “the author is stupid and doesn’t know what love is”. Yes, I do not know. I don’t understand love. I won’t race with you who knows more about life. Surely you are the better one.

Blogs will be posted twice a week. You will find here a lot of satire, irony but unfortunately also the truth. It’s better if you read them in order to understand the overall context. And of course, I am also interested in the opinion of lovers, so I reward the best story of super mistress with a financial reward or a small gift. Stories will be published anonymously.

P.S. If you have something to say, you want to be a part of this site, want to give me advice or scold me, write me at info@sommilenka.sk